Airline and Airliner Stamps

View The Armstrong Whitworth Argosy Album

Armstrong Whitworth Argosy

Airline stamps with Armstrong Whitworth Argosy.

View The Britten-Norman Islander Album

Britten-Norman Islander

Airline stamps with Britten-Norman Islanders and Trilanders.

View The Airline logos Album

Airline logos

Stamps showing airline logos (no aircraft images).

View The Boeing 707/720 Album

Boeing 707/720

Airline stamps with Boeing 707s (and 720s).

View The BAC 1-11 Album

BAC 1-11

Airline stamps with BAC 1-11s

View The Lockheed Constellation Album

Lockheed Constellation

Lockheed Constellation and Super Constellation.

View The Douglas DC3 Album

Douglas DC3

DC3 Dakota

View The Boeing 747 Album

Boeing 747

Airline stamps with Boeing 747s.

As a teenager, I had been an avid stamp collector. Like many such hobbies, this has been forgotten
and left to collect lots of dust. Recently, I had found those old albums in my parents’ home, and some
of that excitement has miraculously returned, and is slowly growing inside me.
Only, this time, I decided to focus a bit, and combine two of my old hobbies, stamps and aviation -
more specifically airlines and airliners. That’s why I created this thematic collection of airline-related
postage stamps, which I’ve only recently started to collect, order, scan and show here.
I hope you’ll enjoy this ever-growing airline stamps collection!